Commandant (BPOTC)


1. The commandant of the Birendra Peace Operation Training Center (BPOTC) Col Dil Bikram Subba was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into Shree DEVIDUTT BATTALION (Infantry) of Nepali Army from the Neapli Military Academy in 1996. He assumed command of the BPOTC on 20 August 2021.

2. Col Subba is a Distinguished Graduate of the Army Command and Staff College, SHIVAPURI, Nepal and also a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, KS, USA. He holds Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and Master's in Military Arts and Science from the USA.

3. During his career, he has attended several courses both at home and abroad. His some notable courses at home include Infantry Young Officers Course, Signal Young Officers Course, Counterinsurgency and Jungle Warfare Course (Distinguished Graduate), Company Commander and Staff Course (Distinguished Graduate), Collapsed Structure Search and Rescue (CSSR), Laws of Armed Conflict and Human Rights, Higher Command and Management Course (Distinguished Graduate). His overseas trainings and courses include Infantry Young Officers' Course from Bangladesh; Infantry Captains Career Course from Ft. Benning, USA; Staff College Course from the USA; Senior Command Course from Army War College, Mhow, India; and Civil Military Response to Terrorism from Naval Postgraduate School, USA.

4. During his 26 years of military service, he has held various command, staff and instructional appointments. He has commanded SHREE GURU GORAKH Company (Independent Infantry Company) and SHREE AHRIDAMAN Battalion (Infantry) which played crucial role at KATHMANDU VALLEY during the Mega Earthquake in 2015. He has served as Operation Officer of No 7 Brigade HQ and Staff Officer at Nepali Army HQ. He has served as Instructor in Recruit Training Center, Army Counterinsurgency and Jungle Warfare School, Army Command and Staff College and Senior Instructor and Deputy Commandant at Nepali Army War College, NAGARKOT.

5. Col Subba has wide-ranging training and experiences of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. He has attended UN Contingent Commanders Course from the BPOTC in 2015. On UN Peacekeeping experience; he served as platoon commander in UNIFIL (Lebanon) in 2001; Military Information and Operation Officer at MONUC (2006) and Brigade Operation Officer in UNAMID (2012). Additionally, he has also served as a Policy and Doctrine Officer at the Office of Military Affairs, DPO, UNHQ, New York from 2017-2019. During his service in the OMA, Col Subba was extensively involved in training and performance related issues of the military component of entire UN Peacekeeping missions. Among several other achievements, he was instrumental in developing the UN Infantry Battalion Commanders Course (IBCC). He also played role of the chief coordinator and facilitator in conduct of first two editions of the IBCC in Entebbe and Beijing. He also played key role in developing the TOT for Command Post Exercise (CPX) and related handbook in close coordination with the In Mission Training Team (IMTT), Germany. He was the chief coordinator for conduct of two successful TOTs for CPX in Entebbe.

6. Col Subba was one of the founding members of the Military Performance Evaluation Taskforce (MPET) within the OMA in the immediate aftermath of publication of the Cruz Report. As a member of the MPET, he played key role in developing the concept of Performance Pre Deployment Visits (PDV) to TCCs and successfully implemented the concept as a member of multiple PDV teams. Moreover, he was one of the pioneers in developing Task-Conditions and Standards (TCS) for Infantry Battalion and other types of military units which are currently used widely for training and evaluating operational readiness and performance of military units in UNPKOs. Furthermore, he also played important role in revision of UN Guidelines on Operational Readiness Preparation for Troop Contributing Countries (2018) and revision of UN Infantry Battalion Manual (UNIBAM, 2nd ed.). He also played facilitator for UN Sector Commanders Course on multiple occasions and a keynote speaker in the Operational Readiness Assurance Policy Seminar conducted in Entebbe, Uganda on 2018.

7. Col Subba has keen interest in travelling and reading. He is happily married and blessed with one son.