Commandant (BPOTC)


1. The commandant of the Birendra Peace Operation Training Center (BPOTC) Col Sudhir Pratap Singh was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Shree Sher Battalion (Infantry) of the Nepali Army from the Nepali Military Academy in 1999. He assumed command of the BPOTC on 12 October 2022.

2. Col Singh is a Graduate of the Army Command and Staff College, SHIVAPURI, Nepal, and Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College, Malaysia. He holds a master’s degree in Strategic Studies from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and an Executive Diploma in Strategic Studies and International Relations from the National Defense University of Malaysia.

3. During his career, he attended several courses both at home and abroad. Some of his notable courses at home include the Platoon Commander and Battle Course, Urban insurgency Course, Company Commander, and Staff Course, Leadership Course, Law of Armed Conflict, and UN Staff Officer Course. Similarly, he attended BSW Course in India, Junior Command and Staff Course in Canada, Command and Staff Course in Malaysia, and Battalion Commander Course in China.

4. During his 25 years of military service, he held various command, staff, and instructional appointments. He successfully commanded Shree Barahadal Company (Independent Infantry Company) and Shree Birdal Battalion (Infantry). He also served as ACOS Ops in Midwestern Division HQ and staff officer in R & D. Army HQ. Similarly, he held an instructional appointments at Nepali Military Academy, Nepali Army Battle School, Army War College, and Army Command and Staff College at different points in time.

5. Col Singh has wide-ranging experience in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. He attended UN Staff Officer Course in BPOTC and participated in Capstone Staff Training Exercise-2018 in Bangladesh. About his UN Peacekeeping experience, he served as a liaison officer in MONUC (DRC) in 2005, Military Information and CIMIC officer in MINUSTAH (2009) and Military Observer in MONUSCO (2016-17). Additionally, he also served as a Training Officer in the Integrated Training Service (ITS), DPO, UNHQ, New York, from 2020-2022. During his service in ITS, Col Singh was extensively involved in enhancing the training standard of the mission. He provided oversight and technical guidance to Integrated Mission Training Centres & participated in the planning & delivery of training to strengthen the capabilities and mindsets of the mission personnel. While serving in ITS, he played a key role in formulating the strategic level training guidance for the peacekeeping missions and was instrumental in developing the conduct of exercise course that is focused on planning, designing, conducting, and evaluating the Command Post Exercise (CPX) and Table Top Exercise (TTX). He also participated in the development, dissemination, and review of training standards, policies, strategies, programs, and other materials with an impact on peacekeeping training in the field.

6. Col Singh is an avid sportsperson with a special interest in badminton, cricket, and lawn tennis. He likes traveling and reading books. He is happily married to Mrs. Richa Shah and is blessed with two daughters, Shuvani and Sukirti.