Birendra Peace Operations Training Centre (BPOTC) is a renowned UN peacekeeping training institute of Nepal which is dedicated to train Nepali peacekeepers for deployment in various UNPKOs. It is located at PANCHKHAL which is 45 km East of KATHMANDU. The area is generally mountainous and the center is approximately 942 meters above mean sea level.

Initially, the BPOTC was established as an ad hoc "UN Peacekeeping Training Camp" in 1986 to train military contingents and personnel for deployment in various UNPKOs. To fulfill the growing commitment of the Nepali Army in UNPKOs, the camp was subsequently restructured and transformed into a dedicated UN Peacekeeping training centre in the year 2001. With the motto "PEACE WITH HONOUR", the training center was later renamed as Birendra Peace Operations Training Center.

Within a very short period of its establishment BPOTC has made remarkable achievements in training and preparing professional peacekeepers. Most of the Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) for the Nepali Army contingents and personnel is conducted in the Center. Today BPOTC trains almost 6000 UN Peacekeepers annually prior to their deployment in various PKOs.

Additionally, the Center also conducts various specialized trainings related to UNPKO namely UNMO Course, UNSOC, UNLOG Course, UNCIMIC, NIO Course, CONTINGENT COMMANDER'S COURSE and UNPKOIC etc. Participants from neighboring countries are also regularly invited to attend the specialized courses. Moreover, participants form other institutions within Nepal like the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force are also regularly attending these specialized courses.

In 2018, the Pre- Deployment Training and United Nations Staff Officers Course (UNSC) conducted at the center have been recognized and accredited by the Integrated Training Service of UNHQ. This step is a milestone achievement which has paved the way for this center to transform as a "Center Of Excellence" and a globally recognized Peacekeeping Training Centre.

The center has regularly conducted various multinational exercises based on UN peacekeeping. "EX-SHANTI PRAYAS III" conducted in the year 2017 was the most recent multinational exercise. Total 1135 participants from 28 different countries were involved in the exercise in different capacities.

The Center also conducts UN related national and international level seminars, workshops and Senior Mission Leadership engagement programs. The Center also sends Subject Matter Experts to other countries as a part of exchange program, sharing best practices, learning from each other's experiences and also for further strengthen bilateral networking.

Apart from training, the center also occasionally conducts PKO related classes to university and college students, Higher Command and Management Courses, Army Command and Staff Course and other courses of Nepali Army. It also often hosts visits of high level international delegations visiting Nepal.