UN Peacekeeping Training Overview

The BPOTC conducts training as per the guideline of the Integrated Training Service (ITS) of the United Nations Department of the Peace Operations (DPO).The Core Pre-deployment Training Module (CPTM) forms the foundation for both the pre-deployment and specialized training conducted at the Centre.

The specialized training conducted for potential Military Observers and Staff Officers is based on CPTM and the Specialized Training Material (STM).

Basically the trainings conducted at this center are:

  • Training of the Trainer (ToT)
  • Pre- Deployment Training (PDT) Specialized courses conducted solely by BPOTC and jointly with GPOI
  • Military observer, staff officer and military liaison officers orientation package
  • Multi National Peace Keeping Exercise

The centre with the availability of the Training areas, Training aids and accommodation facilities is capable of conducting Pre-deployment training for 3 x Battalion sized troops and 2 x specialized courses at a time. Similarly, we also have the capabilities and ample experiences on conducting multinational peacekeeping exercise involving more than 1000 troops.