Closing of the Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) of Jwalla Dal Battalion & No 23 Field Coy

On 7th July 2019 Chief Of Staff (COS) of Nepali Army Lt. Gen Gaurab Tandul visited Birendra Peace Operations Training Center on the occasion of closing ceremony of Pre-deployment training of Jwalla Dal  Battalion and No 23 Field Coy which are soon to be deployed in Democratic Republic of Congo. Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Maj Gen Prabhu Ram Sharma and Deputy Director, Department of Peacekeeping Operations Col Tika Rai were amongst the guests in the closing ceremony.

        During the visit COS Lt. Gen Gaurab Tandul inspected the Pre-deployment training of the units and addressed the troops highlighting the peacekeeping effort of Nepali Army in maintaining international peace and security under the UN flag.

        COS of Nepali Army Lt. Gen Gaurab Tandul  was briefed on the operational aspects and other UN cross cutting issues(POC, SEA & ROE) and had also inspected  FTX and CPX conducted by Jwalla Dal  Battalion and No 23 Field Coy.