Closing Ceremony of Pre-Deployment Training of Kalidhoj Battalion (Sa.Se. 10th Daffa)

On 23 February 2020 Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Sarad Giri addressed the troops in the closing ceremony of Pre-Deployment Training of Kalidhoj Battalion (Sa.Se. 10th Daffa) which is going to be deployed in South Sudan in March 2020. CGS General Give conveyed the message on behalf of the President of Nepal, Rt Honorable Biddya Devi Bhandari - He emphasized on continuing the legacy of Nepal and Nepali peacekeepers in maintain international peace and security. He also stressed on application of all the knowledge and skills acquired during PDT training in BPOTC on ground after deployment in mission area. Lieutenant General Giri also focused on the Zero Tolerance Policy and instructed the troops to strictly adhere with the policy and urge all troops for co-operation during tour of duty and get encouraged to perform the mandated tasks- efficiently. QMG Maj General Ashok Raj Sigdel, Director DPKO, Brig Gen Hira Lal Joshi were also present is the closing Ceremony.